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Project Details: Remodelling Wallasey URC

Client: Wallasey URC

Location: Wallasey, Wirral

Project Description:

The significant alterations have enabled the church to offer an improved accessible facility to the wider community.  The design of the remodelled entrance offers a spacious and welcoming experience for all visitors.  The creatively altered internal circulation spaces have allowed the church to provide accessible facilities, which had previously been compromised and restricted.  In association with the entrance, the toilets and kitchen facilities have been redesigned and improved, providing greater flexibility in their operation and function.   

The development of a thorough briefing process enabled the church to evaluate their needs and aspirations to establish the most suitable project requirements.  The design solution is intended to provide the church, and its users, with a series of spaces that allow greater flexibility to ensure the future sustainability of the church’s facilities for the wider community.