This design for 18 new large family dwellings was created within an already established residential neighbourhood and close to existing amenities, on land that had become surplus to the requirements of the nearby St. Bede’s College. 

The contemporary designed, three storey townhouses sit at the eastern edge of Whalley Range Conservation Area, less than 3km south from the centre of Manchester. The palette of materials was selected to blend with the surrounding heritage context, while also creating the feeling of a modern streetscape, which would benefit from the rows of established street trees and a nearby large Victorian laid out park and lake. 

The insertion of the new dwellings within the existing community has brought back in to use, what had become, a redundant and underused area of land. The townhouses follow the existing street pattern, but their contemporary design creates a series of large dwellings that are intended to help sustain the longer term viability of the area, which already benefits from an established residential community and amenity facilities.

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