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Project Description:

Paddock Johnson has provided Construction Design and Management consultancy since 1994, and supply the services of Principal Designer, or provide safety advise, for a range of projects both in the residential and commercial sectors. Our PD service is often provided alongside our architectural appointments, but we also deliver the role as a standalone service and through framework commissions, such as, the Procure Partnerships framework.

We encourage our clients and project team members to engage with the principal designer at the initial stages of design concept to ensure that potential project hazards are identified at the earliest opportunity. The early identification of any such hazards allows time for change or re-evaluation of the design, aiming to eliminate the risk of discovering the need for changes at a later stage with potential cost increases.

We will engage in risk management and work collaboratively with the project team to implement mitigation early on, and aim to eliminate unnecessary changes late in the process, to ensure a viable development can be delivered. We will meet with the project principal contractor to ensure that their design to cost does not dilute the creative design and technical robustness of the overall scheme. We ensure we remain engaged throughout the project delivery.