Hesketh Hall, Port Sunlight was completed 1903 as a technical institute to assist the changing patterns of work. However, circumstances changed and after the first world war it became headquarters of the Port Sunlight branch of the Royal British Legion until it closed in 2012.

Port Sunlight Village Trust were left as the custodian of a building in disrepair with no defined end use.  Paddock Johnson were appointed to investigate options for reuse and after, discounting several commercial uses a scheme to convert the building into apartments was established as the most sustainable long-term use for the building.

Conversion into apartments came with challenges in terms of heritage impact as the building had to adapt to 21st Century living.  However, changes to the building were managed carefully through a process of research, and an understanding of impact on significance.  Close collaboration with English Heritage and the local authority conservation officer throughout assisted the consent process.

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