Category: Surveying, All

Project Details: FHA On-going Repair and Maintenance Projects

Client: Family Housing Association

Location: Various locations, Wirral

Project Description:

The provision of on-going repair and maintenance, which has required a very flexible response service.  Tenants notify Family Housing of problems and these are dealt with quickly and efficiently to minimise the length of time tenants are inconvenienced by the problem.


Liaison is carried out directly with each tenant to establish the route cause of the issue and to carry out the necessary stages to rectify the problem.  This might include the need to coordinate a specialist consultant or contractor.


The service also includes the delivery of agreed cyclical repair work to their portfolio of properties.  On an annual basis this includes kitchens, bathroom and building services work.  Following visits to the properties, the required scope of work is established with drawings, schedules of works and specifications being prepared for the works to be costed and carried out.  Specifications also factor in the life cycle performance of materials and products to ensure each commission delivers the most effective solution.