Category: Architecture, All, Commercial

Project Details: Arrow Bio Plant

Client: Private

Location: Enterprise Zone 4, Flintshire

Project Description:

The proposed Arrow Bio Plant at Enterprise Zone 4 in Flintshire is a municipal solid waste (MSW), commercial and industrial waste recycling and recovery plant, utilising the latest technology in hydro-mechanical separation and biological multistage anaerobic digestion processes. This advance process recovers 70% - 90% of materials and produces high methane (CH4) content biogas for several green energy uses.

The design of the site and the layout of the buildings is highly functional, driven by the complex and technologically advanced process. Vehicular movement and the need to balance potential conflicts between waste being dropped off and collected with staff, visitor and general maintenance vehicles was a key challenge.

Responding to context the proposals follow a strongly industrial aesthetic with the use of profiled coloured metal cladding across all elevations creating a clearly contemporary response. The mass of the building is broken up with the use of different colour tones and orientation profiling in the cladding to articulate the different levels and create bands which pick up openings and canopies creating a cohesive overall response.