Liverpool’s terraced streets have long provided an opportunity for fostering a strong sense of community through daily interactions among residents. These encounters: walking past neighbours’ homes or using communal facilities, create opportunity for conversation, foster friendships and help to build strong communities. Our design embraces these interactions, encouraging them as essential aspects of the living experience. Deck access, communal gardens and a communal hub serve to facilitate this.

Reinforcing encounters and strengthening the sense of community is the focus of Paddock Johnson’s response to The Townhouse Competition, providing a flexible blueprint which could be adapted to almost any terraced community in the city.

The standardised nature of the terraced house offers opportunities, which must be explored so that they can become adapted over time to suit growing families and ageing individuals. Our vision aims to address this by providing sustainable “homes for life” in different typologies. This includes M4(3) apartments for residents no longer requiring extra bedrooms, but need step free access and wish to remain in their community.

Properties benefit from improved enveloping performance, triple-glazed windows, and renewable energy sources. The front streetscape is retained, and the rear of the terrace given a new lease of life.

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