This retirement living development comprises 9no. Bungalows and 78no. flats with associated landscaping. Situated on land of former Firsway Garage on Plank Lane, the site is located within an already established residential neighbourhood and close to existing amenities. The carefully designed apartment block has effectively dual frontage, with main pedestrian entrance served directly off Plank Lane and an alternative entrance via its private car park at ‘rear’, located off Mitchell Street.

The apartment block comprises of two and three storeys with gable features and traditional pitched roofs to give the apartment complex a more domestic scale within its residential setting

The palette of materials was selected to give the traditional architecture a modern blend with the introduction of cladding on upper floors.

The new development when complete, it is hoped shall reinforce a sense of community on what had become, a redundant and underused area of land within an existing residential area.

The bungalows follow both the existing street pattern and proposed new access road and their design compliment the main apartment complex.

This high-quality, well-designed development that adopts inclusive design principles, shall help sustain the longer-term viability of the area, which already benefits from an established residential community and amenity facilities.

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